Making time for projects

I am sure I’m not alone when I say that I have about a thousand unfinished projects lying around my house.

I’ve recently heard the phrase that goes like this: “I’ve come to the conclusion that buying craft supplies and actually doing the crafts are two different hobbies!” and I found myself slowly nodding my head in agreement.

I’m not the most creative or original person who ever lived, but I would call myself crafty enough. I loved doing crafts when I was a kid, and I still enjoy spending free time making things. But still, there are a few materials for projects that I wanted to do that have been lying around for weeks…months…in some cases, over a year! (insert scream emoji!)

As part of decluttering, I have come to some conclusions.

Be honest. Do you really need it? Will it help you live your best life? Or is it going to sit around because it only matches up with your fantasy life?  If you do decide you need it…do you really need to make it? Sometimes it ends up costing more effort, time, and money to make it yourself. Unless you get extreme pleasure from doing it yourself, maybe it’s worth outsourcing it or even forgoing it altogether!

Do things right away! To some extent, it’s not always possible. But try to let the excitement about the project spur you on to complete it before the supplies just sit around for months on end.

One project at a time. Put it on a projects list before buying the materials for the next project. After you’re done with one project, see what you’d like to tackle next, and then buy the supplies. When you let time pass between the desire to have something and the actual purchase of it, you are able to calm down the impulsive part of you and activate your rational brain. Maybe you don’t even want to do it anyway.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of actually trying things that you want to do. Part of being creative is trial and error. Even if it doesn’t end up perfect, who cares?

Well begun is half done. When something feels overwhelming, my new motto, to borrow from Nike: just do it. Sometimes the project isn’t even as hard as you imagine it will be. Sometimes just starting is the hardest part.

It’s okay to let things go. Maybe you’ve bought supplies for something that you realize you will never actually use.

None of these ideas are new, but to me, they’re revolutionary.  Giving myself the grace to let things go, the patience to wait on ideas, and the permission to be imperfect is what has helped me make decisions about my craft supplies. When I was decluttering my bedroom, I finally opened up the box of white contact paper that I wanted to cover the doors of the shoe cubby in the hallway. I did one door and had a hard time with it. I then realized I needed more contact paper than I had, so I ordered some more. And then I never actually finished the project…until now! It’s nice to feel things coming together, to see a project through, and to finally get those boxes of contact paper out of my bedroom!

It’s a hard area to photograph, but you get the idea!

Now that I see the photo, I still need to work on keeping decorations on top of that area to a minimum…. Baby steps!