I have already started to see the results of minimizing. In fact, it was especially clear when my minimalist friends (whose apartment truly surprised me at how tidy and clean it was!) came over last weekend for a visit. I spent about 5 minutes before they came putting some random toys and other items back in their spots, but I didn’t have to do any other cleaning or tidying AND I felt proud of my home for the first time! I always felt embarrassed whenever they came over because of my piles and piles of stuff everywhere. 

I still have a ways to go to make it as good as I desire, but I can already see the results of my hard work decluttering. It’s amazing. It’s such a great feeling having a clean, presentable apartment. And not just before guests come over, but most of the time!

I will take some updated pictures soon so I can show you what I mean. 

I still have major work to do in the kitchen and in the kids’ room. Then there’s the hall closet and the attic to do. The more progress I see, though, the more motivated I feel. Because it’s working, you guys! And it’s so worth it!