Starting small

Have you ever started trying to declutter and just look around and not know where to begin because there’s just so much to do?!

That was me this morning. Except I had a rare morning off work and with both kids at daycare, I wanted to take advantage of the time I had to get stuff done. So I pushed past the feeling of analysis paralysis and just went for it by starting small.

I thought it would be good to start in the living room because it’s one of the rooms we use the least at the moment. Our one-year-old is currently sleeping in there as his bedroom since we haven’t managed to transition him to his older brother’s room yet, but wanted him out of our room in the hopes he’d sleep through the night.

So our living room has far less clutter than other rooms in our apartment and I thought maybe I could get things started in there.

This week’s assignment for my uncluttered course was to grab a bag, walk through my home, and throw in “easy wins” – things that are obviously clutter. Afterward, I sorted all of the items in the bag into donate and trash piles.

I ended up with a bag full of stuff – just under 50 things altogether – to donate. I’m going to start tallying up what I’m getting rid of and update that on here. And I cheated on the homework, because I didn’t go through the whole place; I only managed the living room! There’s still so much  more more to go. But as I said, I just grabbed the things that I knew I could let go without thinking about it too much. Just start small. There will be time for the rest.

For now, here are some photos of before my sweep. I won’t be posting after shots just yet, but I wanted to make sure I documented exactly how the room looked before I started decluttering!